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Pallas Security and Investigations

Pallas Security and Investigations

Description :

"PALLAS was established in 2015 to provide organizations and companies with sustainable security services tailored to the specific context of their operations in Tunisia. We are based in Tunis and our services are provided by a team with in-depth knowledge of the Tunisian environment and extensive experience in providing security support to development, government and commercial actors in the country. PALLAS is headed and staffed by national veteran officers of law enforcement and armed forces as well as engineers with extensive experience from projects and missions around the globe. We pride ourselves on a client-oriented and direct approach to risk management, maintaining personal working relationships with each client to ensure innovative and excellent services. PALLAS provides realistic comprehensive security and risk management solutions for the business, governmental, and private sectors. Our goal is to assist in business continuity within the region’s most volatile operating environments, by providing realistic and effective client-tailored security solutions. Our approach to security is based upon sustainability and combines situational awareness and pro-active risk management with capacity building to enable organizations and companies to effectively mitigate security risks. We apply sustainable security strategies in all our services with the aim of providing our clients with tailored security solutions in a way that does no-harm to the fragile environment in which they operate. Our vision is to contribute to a safer Tunisia; safer for our clients as well as the local communities. We strive to maintain high ethics in regard to all aspects of our work and in addition to conflict-sensitivity and do-no-harm principles we apply strategies for equal opportunity, anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies."

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  • Protection Rapprochée
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Téléphone : +21670741063
Fax : +21670741063
Email : info@pallas-security.agency
Adresse : 18 Rue Menzel Bouzelfa, Borj Louzir Ariana 2073
Pays : Tunisie
Site web : www.pallas-security.agency